Therapeutical Uses

For preparations and substances based on the cannabis plant.

  •  Spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injuries;


  •  Nausea, vomiting (resulting from chemotherapy, radiotherapy and combined HIV therapy and hepatitis medication;


  •  Appetite stimulation in palliative care of patients undergoing oncological or AIDS treatment;


  •  Chronic pain (associated with oncological or nervous system diseases such as neuropathic pain caused by nerve damage, phantom limb pain, trigeminal neuralgia, or after herpes zoster);


  •  Gilles de la Tourette syndrome;


  •  Epilepsy and treatment of severe seizure disorders in childhood, such as the Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndromes;


  •  Therapeutically resistant glaucoma.


On the other hand there is the deep conviction that there is much more to explore and prove with regard to the therapeutic action of Cannabis.