Integrated QSE Management Policy

CANNPRISMA is a company authorized by INFARMED for the cultivation, import and export of the cannabis plant for medicinal purposes, whose main commitments are the quality of its products, the protection of the environment, providing and maintaining safe and healthy working conditions for its workers, service providers, suppliers, customers and other interested parties.

CANNPRISMA is committed to ensuring, unequivocally, the development and implementation of the best techniques that guarantee the compliance of its practices with the commitments assumed in terms of quality, environment, health and safety at work and well-being, being the system of integrated management the main instrument for operationalization, value creation and promotion of continuous improvement. To this end, it undertakes to:

1. Ensure strict compliance with all applicable legislation and regulations, as well as other specifications and requirements to which it has subscribed or will subscribe in terms of quality, environment and health and safety at work;

2. Promote the continuous improvement of quality, environment and occupational health and safety processes, seeking to:

The. Ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction, through the fulfilment of product and service requirements, and the systematic search for the fulfilment of their expectations;

B. Eliminate hazards and reduce risks for workers, visitors, suppliers and service providers;

ç. Minimize the environmental impacts resulting from its activities, promoting the optimization of water consumption, the rational use of natural resources, the preservation of ecosystems and their biodiversity and the prevention of pollution.

3. To promote employee satisfaction, aiming at their social and economic well-being and improving the quality of life through the development of their skills, the promotion of a behavioural culture based on awareness and training and the promotion of safe working conditions and healthy with a view to preventing work-related injuries and health conditions;

4. Promoting plant protection with low use of pesticides, giving priority, whenever possible, to non-chemical methods and the adoption of practices and plant protection products with the least risk to human health, non-target organisms and the environment;

5. Seeking that the application of fertilizers is carried out in the correct and adequate quantity and form, according to the specific characteristics of the crops and the receiving media;

6. Ensure the participation and consultation of workers in the planning, implementation and performance evaluation of health and safety at work management;

7. Involve all departments in issues of quality management, environment, safety and health at work, creating synergies that translate into behaviours and attitudes and foster a culture of shared responsibility.

8. Foster open dialogue with our workers and other stakeholders about our operations and activities related to quality, environment, health and safety and well-being;

9. Stimulating the performance of suppliers and service providers in terms of quality, environment and health and safety, seeking to build stable relationships of mutual trust in the long term;

The Management therefore requests all its employees, service providers, suppliers, customers and other interested parties, within the scope of their duties, to consider this policy as a priority and to integrate it as a basic principle in the performance of their activities, thus contributing, together for a sustainable development that benefits everyone.