Quality, Security and Environment Policy

CANNPRISMA sees quality as a common responsability of all colaborators and partners and Excelence as a daily improvment quest, vital to reach our goals with the highest quality standarts. Security, safety, public health and environment respectfull practices are in our priority concern list.

Our development strategy puts a strong effort on developing and optimizing processes, respecting the environment and the human being. Development doesn`t work if it ain`t sustainable for nature the community.

Quality Prisma Cannabis

The Quality Control is extremely important to ensure and proof the quality, purity and reliability of our Brand and products. The quality control comprises all the required tests to verify and ensure all products, making sure all products are within our high quality standart patterns.

The efforts and the strategies of development and optimization of our products and processes, take care of the respect and the Sustainable Development and for all the people.

Compliance with these commitments should be ensured in all areas of the Company through the following principles:

  •  Ensure the quality and safety of products grown and manufactured, taking into account the health, safety of employees and protection of the environment;


  •  Strict compliance with all legal, technical and normative requirements applicable to our activity;


  •  Ensure the development of employees’ skills in order to foster their professional growth, their job satisfaction and their commitment to quality, health, safety and the environment;


  •  Encourage an organization that values initiative, teamwork and knowledge sharing;


  •  Encourage and ensure the continuous improvement of the QDSA Management System;


  •  Ensure that suppliers and partners comply with all the specifications and requirements of different materials, products and services, as well as responsible action in respect of health, safety and the environment, encouraging their participation in the improvement of their processes, products and services.