CANNPRISMA is officially authorized to cultivate, export and import medical cannabis

The definitive authorization that allows the cultivation, import and export of medicinal cannabis was given after an on-site inspection by INFARMED and PSP and publication in Diário da República.

CANNPRISMA has, since today, the official authorization to cultivate, process, import and export cannabis-based products for medicinal purposes, by the Polícia de Segurança Pública (PSP – Public Security Police) and by INFARMED , the Portuguese government agency responsible to the Ministry of Health, which evaluates, authorizes, regulates and controls medicines for human use – including medical cannabis – as well as health products.

This means that the entire activity of this company from Algarve, complies with the Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP).

The pandemic situation that has been going on since the beginning of last year, delayed the process of obtaining the definitive license, but which has now been concluded with the successful on-site inspection by INFARMED.

It should be noted that this licensing has already been subject to inspection by PSP, which confirmed compliance with all safety rules, in accordance with current legislation (Ministerial Ordinance nº83/2021)

The cultivation and processing unit of CANNPRISMA, with 10 hectares, is located in Castro Marim and includes about 3000 square meters of greenhouses and support infrastructure with the latest technology, respecting all the required quality standards (always following all the GMP requirements) which allows to obtain high quality flower.

By the end of 2021, the construction of the factory is expected to be completed, as well as its authorization for GMP operation by INFAMED.

This GMP manufacturing facilities, installed in Vila Real de Santo António, already has an aptitude decision from INFARMED.

These new facilities for the pharmaceutical industry, together with obtaining this definitive license, are in line with the company’s strategy of being present in the entire value chain of the medical cannabis business, as well as in the verticality of the company’s business (R&D, cultivation and harvesting, drying, packaging, processing, extracting, crystallizing API, medicine manufacturing, bottling and labeling).

Portugal currently has the best strategic conditions for the implementation of this new business area: climate, location, human resources, knowledge, policy, applicable legislation, among others.

There is great potential to become a leading country in research, production and one of the largest exporters of medicinal cannabis in Europe.

The rigor, quality, safety and clarity required by Portuguese licensing entities contribute in a definitive way so that Portugal becomes the best option for the cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis products for the whole world, fulfilling still all requirements in terms of business ethics.

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