Who we are

CANNPRISMA is a Premium Medical Grade Cannabis company and the first with 100% Portuguese capital to dedicate itself to the cultivation and transformation of Cannabis for medicinal purposes.

CANNPRISMA is an experienced, skilled team with a solid past in the cannabis and pharmaceutical industry that joined forces to fullfill a common dream: to provide high end, premium quality, organic certified GMP cannabis products to the increasing number of people that find relief on the therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant.

The company was founded with the goal of becoming a reference in the Research, Transformation and Cultivation of medicinal Cannabis. Our founders share the social concern of being able to provide the patients with affordable pesticide and agrochemical free medicines, substances or preparations based on the cannabis plant plant that have been aprooved for therapeutic use.

Our market action takes into account the surrounding community, acting reliably and honestly with all our partners and the natural environment. We believe we should care about nature and about our comunity, ensuring a healthy bright future of the next generations.


CANNPRISMA works on a daily basis with the goal of improving our communities health and promote its wellness, delivering environmentally sustainable cannabis based products and researching and developing high quality medicines, food suplements and cosmetics.


CANNPRISMA aims to be a competitive company recognized for the quality and inovation in the Global market, based in environmental and social sustainable local practices.


The spirit of CANNPRISMA is based on principles and values that are very oriented towards health, confidence and scientific rigor.

  • Ethic, Respectfull, cristal clear practices;
  • Appreciation of the Human Being;
  • Environmental Sustainability;
  • Social responsability and awareness;
  • Respect our deals with customers and supliers;
  • Cooperation: potenciate group work and talent;
  • Driven by passion.


CANNPRISMA is a premium trademark manufacturer. Our good environmental practices, the organic certification and the high standart quality requirements towards our supliers and raw materials ensure the high quality and purity on all our products. “From Land To People, The Clear Choice”.


We are the company that is dedicated to the cultivation and manufacture of products based on Cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Our entire structure is prepared for our own production as we are also prepared to work as a reliable partner through outsourcing.

Our activities or areas of expertise:

  • Preculture
  • Cultivation
  • Production or processing
  • Packaging of pharmaceuticals and supplements
  • Development and research
  • Laboratory for Stability Testing

Our Team

CANNPRISMA’s experience is based on fieldwork and effective in similar areas in Canada and proven support of consultants with experience in the various phases of the process.

Our team is comprised of experienced growers, processors, distributors, pharma industry professionals, doctors, professors and researchers. The team combined has outstanding expertise at all stages of integrated production and distribution, providing a skilled operating force for the realization of the investment, while at the same time has gained considerable advantage in licensing and state incentive/ co-funding issues.

From 8 technicians and professionals trained full time since 2018 we expect to reach more than 100 professionals during 2019.

The spirit of CANNPRISMA is based on principles and values ​​that are very oriented towards health, confidence and scientific rigor.

João Nascimento

Degree in Business Management by the Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias. Professional experience as Operating Director at the environmental business related company Renascimento. Entrepreneur.

Paulo Nascimento

Entrepreneur in the Environmental and Recycling Industry, awarded with the Small and Medium Business Leader company prize in 2018. Awarded with the Small and Medium business “Excelence” prize in 2017. Logistic and customized operations Operating Manager in the Environment and Recycling Industry. Wide experience in conceiving and implementing industrial lines. Resources use Optimization focused on maximizing process eficiency. Machinery development according to the specific needs of the Recycling Industry.

Elsa Nascimento

Master in Strategic Management. Post-graduate in Environment. Degree in Auditoring. Bachelor in Accounting. Entrepreneur in the Environmental Industry. Professional experience in the Oil Industry. Professional experience in Finantial Control, Administration, Strategic Management, Marketing, Sales, Auditing and Asset Management.

Fernando Águas Partner at Prisma Medical Cannabis

Fernando Águas

Pharmaceutical Industry specialist / Qualified Person by the Portuguese Order of Phamacist. Master in Advanced Pharmacotechnics by the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon. Post graduated in Safety of Medicine by the Faculty of Pharmacy / Faculty of Medicine from the University of Lisbon / SYHTHELABO-Recherche, Paris. Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences by the Faculty of Pharmacy from the University of Lisbon. Research Scholarship at the Nuclear and Technology Institute, Lisbon, Portugal: “BIOSTER – Study case on Medical Devices Manufacturing – Bioburden studies in/on Product. Gamma Sterilization vs Sterilization with steam under pressure”. 15+ years of experience as Qualified Person and Production Manager in the pharmaceutical industry. Auditor of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) / GDP (Good Distribution Practices) / ISO 9001 (Quality) by SGS International Certification.